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Heavy Weight Dry Iron For Long Lasting Crease On Clothes

Lightweight iron box or a heavyweight iron box, which one you should buy for a permanent solid crease on clothes? Ironing done by a heavy weight dry iron box would last a full day. Whereas ironing done by a lightweight iron box would last not more than two to three hours. I am saying this from personal experience. Since you have decided to buy a new iron box, I suggest a heavyweight iron box for solid crease on your clothes.

For perfect ironing, there are two options. Either you invest in a steam iron box or buy a heavyweight iron box. A steam iron box would have a shorter lifespan than a dry iron box. Moreover, using a dry iron box is much more comfortable than a steam iron box. If the dry iron box is a heavyweight iron box, it can straighten your clothes in much less time than a steam iron box. Needless to say, you need a heavy weight dry iron to remove stubborn creases from clothes.

In this piece, we cover seven best heavyweight dry iron for home use. Although the iron box is a primary home appliance, its use is extraordinary. Without ironing your dress is only half ready. Therefore, carefully select the best iron box, which is in your budget and is ideal for perfect ironing.

Tips: To make the best use of a heavyweight iron, here is a perfect ironing tip. While using your heavyweight iron, use newspaper as a protective layer for the cloth.

► 3.2-Kg Deson Laundry Iron

Do you need a dry iron that feels comfortable and well-balanced? Then investing in Deson heavy weight dry Iron would be a decent idea! This iron will let you slither it slickly over your attires without any concern! With an assessment to offer your outfits a professional and crisp look, you also get to emphasize on its easy to use controls. Also Read :  Orient Electric LED Batten – An Ideal Replacement for Those Age-old Flickering Tubelights  

It has a chrome-coated iron alloy soleplate that tends to make the de-wrinkling of your dress stress-free.  This kind of heavyweight iron may require a lot of care to handle.  But then again, if you can be sufficiently watchful and careful while using this dry iron and handle it with attention, it will not ever cause any damage to your garments.

Though it is a bit outdated and antiquated iron, if you need to iron a fabric like Jeans, this dry iron is the best choice you can have. However, while using it over delicate clothes like silk saree, use two or three sheets of newspaper to protect the sari from burning. You can also use a wet cotton towel.

Further, this Deson laundry iron box takes time to get the required temperature for ironing. Therefore, it may not be the best choice for everyday use. It is ideal for ironing on weekends.

Price2200 RupeesIdeal forHome use | Tailor Shop | Ironing Center | HotelFeaturesHeavy weight dry iron box | Get Solid Crease | Heat Retention | Easy to use | Best for Ironing Heavy ClothPower1000-Watt | Protection from over-Heating | Auto Power CutBody3.2-Kg weight | Shock-Proof body | Cast iron soleplate with Chrome-coating | Temperature control knob | 2-meter long power cableWarranty10-Days Replacement | 12-months service warranty

► 1000-Watt Rico Heavy Weight Dry Iron with 3-Years Warranty

Rico Plancha Dry Iron is the latest heavyweight iron box on the market. Its power capacity is 1000-Watts, and it weighs 1.5-Kg. This iron box can make a permanent solid crease on your shirt or Kurti by sliding only once. This iron would save your time that you invest almost every day in ironing clothes. Also Read :  Philips Breast Milk Pump For Indian Mothers  

How to use? Let the 1000-Watt iron box get thoroughly warm until auto power cut. Now slide it once on the collar. Collar part is done. Next slide it once on one side of one of the arms of your shirt. Then another side of the same arm. One arm of your shirt is ironed. Repeat the same on another arm of your shirt. In three to four slide you cover the back area of the shirt. Only two sliding of this heavyweight dry iron should be enough for the front side of the shirt, one for each side. Thus, sliding the iron for 12 times on a shirt makes it ready for full day use. In 2 to 3 minutes your shirt is fully ironed. Trouser or jeans requires even lesser time. I ironed my T-shirt and jeans in less than 2 minutes using this 1000-Watt heavyweight dry iron.

Rico appliances Pvt Ltd, the manufacturer of the heavy weight dry iron box, has a 53-Year old history. Therefore, you can trust the quality of the product. Moreover, Rico brand offers 3-Years warranty. This company operates service centers in all the states. Visit the official website and check whether your district has Rico appliances service center or not.

Newest launch, 1000-Watt capacity, and 3-Years warranty are the key factors why I say Rico Plancha heavy weight dry iron box below 1200 Rupees is the best option.

Price1190 RupeesWeight1.5-KgPower1000-WattFeaturesExtra Gold Layer Coating on Soleplate for long life | Double ISI | Temperature ControlSafetyAuto Power Cut to prevent OverheatWarranty36-Months | Rico Customer Care: [email protected] Also Read :  Six Best LG Split and Inverter AC in India  

► Automatic Hytec Malcha Heavy Weight Iron

Hytec is a local electronics brand with a promise to provide high-caliber home use appliances at affordable prices. Talking about the Malcha dry iron model of Hytec, it is certainly a promising product. My team has tasted and rated it as a value for money dry iron. But not every aspect of this is in a perfect sync with the concept behind it. Some mismatch is there. You should know them before short-listing it in the list of most favorite dry irons.

Saying it a heavy weight dry iron would not be that accurate, as it does not cross the tactical line to be a genuine one. Usually, a heavy weight iron has the weight at least 1.5 Kg or more so then only the one-Kilogram weight of this Hytec iron box appears less.

During the course of the review workshop on iron boxes, we learned one thing that for a faster performance, a heavy weight dry iron should also have a high capacity. Therefore, the 750-watt capacity of this Hytec dry iron is not that sound – considering its weight. It may take more time in getting ready for use.

Obliviously, finishing on a product by a new brand would not match to the quality of a product from well-settled brands like Philips and Panasonic. In fact, the same is the case here too with this Hytec heavy weight dry iron.

The iron box although appears a sound durable but finishing on it is not that great. Its heating plate carved out not so well; as a result, it fails in providing smooth glide over fabrics. In fact, to get best results out of this – require a flat iron board specially designed for ironing. We have reviewed one. You must have a look: Bathla Iron Board. Also Read :  Best Iron from 1500 to 2000 Rupees  

Other Details: In a heavy weight dry iron, higher is the capacity faster it would be in getting ready for ironing. In addition, higher is the capacity also means – it would consume more electricity. The Hytec Malcha falls short in terms of watt efficiency. Correspondingly, it takes an irritating amount of time in getting ready for ironing.

On the front of safety, the dry iron box has a fuse control and adjustable thermostatic control. Further, a non-stick coating is there on the heating plate, not letting it stick on fabric and burn them. The quality of this heavy weight dry iron is assured, as it owns ISI mark of authenticity.

In the list of conveniences, I would certainly include its auto-off feature, which it enacts when it is a long non-use state. Moreover, a temperature control lever is also at the front for easy manipulating power according to fabric nature. At the end, with all the convenience and safety features together ensure – users is fully protected while ironing and having pleasant ironing experience, too, in every session with it. Hytec Malcha iron box is based on the latest automatic features in dry irons.

All said and done, I cannot recommend this heavy weight dry iron, enough. The reason has to be the brand as it being not present online with an official website.

Thousands of users have rated Hytec products well online. That is a kind of certification of assurance that Hytec products have quality and durability. However, the brand does not provide any information on service delivery. How users would get one year of free service is not clear. Hytec’s Malcha iron box is a well-made product with more pros and few cons. But what about post sales service. Also Read :  Premium Iron Box under 5000 Rupees  

Price950 RupeesPower750-WattFeaturesNon-stick Coated Soleplate, Auto Off Light, BIS Approved ISI Mark for QualitySafetyThermal Fuse and Adjustable Thermostatic Control

► 1000-Watt Russell Hobbs Heavyweight Iron

Let us now talk on one of the most rated heavy weight dry irons in the premium segment that is, by the way, a best seller as well. I will discuss the features and Pros & Cons of this powerful dry iron but first, few words about the brand, Russell Hobbs.

Russell Hobbs is a British brand with a notable presence in Europe and Asia markets. The brand has been selling from cheapest to costliest home appliances to its consumer base. Above 70%, verified ratings for its electronics products, up for sales in the Indian online retail stores, are either three or four or five-star ratings. This proves buyers are happy with the product they have bought and service they have obtained from the brand Russell Hobbs or its associates. All this means is that you could trust the brand and its wide range of products.

Reliable Build and Secure Features: The features that justify its price of Rs 2000 – is the non-stick coated aluminum alloy sole plate. Just because of this, the durability factor has increased many folds. In addition, because of the solid built, the Russell Hobbs dry iron box swiftly clears stubborn creases from clothes and gives them the real shape and a shining straight appearance as well.

So what are the pros and cons of this heavy dry iron? BIS has certified the quality of this Russell Hobbs dry iron with an ISI mark. Further, 1000-Watt capacity is appropriate for a dry iron like this one. Moreover, just because of a uniform heating of the soleplate, this could create solid long lasting creases on clothes. Also Read :  Best Carrier Air Conditioners Price Features and Specs  

Since the soleplate has a non-stick coating, there are negligible changes that it would burn or harm cloth while ironing. Bringing this to your attention is important because not all the heavy weight dry iron have a soleplate with non-stick coating.

A temperature control setting is there. Users could set the right temperature according to the fabric nature. To protect from over-heat; under safety programs, this iron box has a thermal fuse function. Moreover, Russell Hobbs offers two years of warranty as well for Indian customers.

All in all the heavy weight dry iron box RDI550H from the British brand Russell Hobbs – looks a promising product. Its price, 2000 Rupees, too, is according to the quality, durability, and warranty you get with it. Even If I consider buyers rating on the popular online shopping websites, a true opinion about this, then also, the Russell Hobbs iron box is a must buy.

Price1980 RupeesPower1000-WattWeight2.6-KgSafetyThermostat for Variable Temperature Control, Overheat ProtectionWarrantyTwo-YearFeatureBIS Approved ISI mark for Quality

► Philips Heavy Weight 1000W Dry Iron {GC181}

At Gadgets Shiksha, the Philips GC181 is one of the best-selling dry iron boxes. In fact, unexpected response to this Philips iron box had given my team a confidence that yes there is demand for heavy weight dry iron box. So here, we are with an article that helps you to buy one superior heavy weight iron box.

Even if I say ten good things about a product of a newly launched brand, you would still think, should you buy them, will that be the right choice as suggested. However, when you have already experienced a branded product and I suggest one again from it, then you would not hesitate about the brand and its product quality rather your entire focus would on the specifications of the product. It is a human tendency. I am making this point to explain why one would still consider this Philips heavy weight dry iron even if I do not refer it by many exciting words. Also Read :  Premium Iron from 2000 to 2500 Rupees Range  

Philips GC181 Iron is not just a heavy weight dry iron. In fact, it comes with many nifty features to make your ironing smooth and safe. It looks stylish, in fact, it consists of the best in the market in terms of non-stick coating, temperature management, and automated safety features. I have this dry iron for personal use. I am using Philips Diva, a 750-Watt dry iron box also. Mostly I prefer using the GC181 iron just because of the heavy weight factor.

Check the buyers rating for this Philips product on major shopping websites in India. It comes with close to 4.8-star rating against maximum 5-star rating available. This is fantastic. In fact, the most authentic certification for assuring potential buyers, you should buy this when cannot take a risk with the product of a never heard brand. Read more about Philips GC181 at Dry and Steam Iron Box below 1500 Rupees.

► 1000W Bajaj Heavy Weight Dry Iron {DHX-9}

One of the top 20 dry iron boxes on Amazon India, the Bajaj DHX 9 is, needless to say, a best-seller. But why it is so popular? At the price of 900 Rupees, it certainly offers much more – even more than the Philips iron box listed above.

The first factor that prominently appears as a pro is the look of this dry iron. Being a heavy weight could have made it look an ugly appliance. On contrary, it looks very stylish thanks to the use of a golden symphony on its body as well as on the soleplate. It has a deluxe golden soleplate with a durable non-stick coating. Also Read :  Best Iron Box from 900 to 1000 Rupees Range  

To make it a usable iron box on fabrics type nylon, silk, cotton and other soft clothes, it comes with the feature to adjust temperature level. Thus, according to the fabric nature – set low, medium, or a high temperature.

The thermostatic pilot lamp is also in this Bajaj iron, showing power supply status: ON or OFF. In fact, an indicator is always a great help to check whether the power supply to it is through or not.

Other details: Never buy electronic appliances without adequate safety features – first for users and second for the appliance itself. Security features on electronics devices are not a big thing; however, what matters is how they are being incorporated.

Talking about the security features of this dry iron box, the thermal fuse safety protects it from short-circuit in the case of overheating. The fuse cuts off the power supply when the iron box has reached to the temperature level – set by the user.

The Bajaj iron has a very appropriate capacity, 1000 Watts. So it is an ideal choice if you are looking for a heavy weight iron for home use. Moreover, 2-year warranty from the brand is a sound certification that this product has a quality, so durable, too. Needless to say, it would remain in use many years without being exposed to an early malfunction.

If the Philips heavy weight iron is not in your budget then consider this Bajaj product. It comes with all the necessary safety and convenience features. In fact, the Bajaj DHX9 heavy weight is a value for money product at its current price. Also Read :  Efficient Philips Garment Steamer to Use on All Fabrics  

Price1000 RupeesPower1000-WattWeight1.5-Kg ApproxSafetyAutomatic Shut OffWarranty2-YearFeatureTemperature setting dial | Deluxe metal cover | Multiple temperature levels | Non-stick coated sole plate | Light NotificationCord1.5-Meter Long Cord with 3-Pin Plug

► 1000W Usha Heavy Weight Dry Iron

The Usha dry iron box is one of the best heavyweight irons in 1000 Rupees price range. Allow it to warm up until auto power cut and then use it to make a lasting crease on your shirt.

This heavy weight dry iron box from the house of Usha comes with a durable build and an attractive design. In its golden design, it looks very attractive.

Because of 1000W power capacity, it heats up fast. Golden American heritage non-stick coating on its heavy iron soleplate makes it safe for ironing even expensive clothes.

Pressing your cloth with this Usha heavyweight iron box is fun. It may take more time than a lightweight iron to warm up and become ready for ironing, but after that, it will iron PHATAPHAT. While using a lightweight iron box, you need to slide two-three times to clear wrinkles, but you need to slide this heavyweight iron just once. That is magic of a heavy weight dry iron box.

This 1000W iron box will last more than 5-years. I can say so since it is a dry iron box, less complicated than a steam iron box, and its brand Usha is one of the most respected names in India market. Thus, buy it without a second thought. It is a recommended dry iron box in 1000 Rupees.

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