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Best Air Coolers In India 2019 – Buying Guide & Reviews

As the summer approaches, we’re all in a rush to get an appliance that cools our home. We need an air cooler in summer because of how high the temperature gets; it lets you be more comfortable at home.

Air coolers are the better choice than ACs, because they cost less money and save more power. Plus, their cooling benefits are more direct.

In this post, I’ll show you the 10 best air coolers in India that you can buy online.

Here is the list:

1. Kenstar Double Cool Dx

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1) Kenstar is known for making air coolers and they’re arguably the best brand. Many Indians use Kenstar air coolers because of their quality and affordability.

2) This is a somewhat small air cooler; it can cool an area of 20 meters. It’s good for use by one person. But if you’re looking to cool a large room with many people, then get a larger cooler.

3) It has a motorized vertical movement with 4-way air deflection. It cools very fast, at a rate of 1750 m³/hour. You can get the full benefits from it quickly; it doesn’t make you wait like some other air coolers.

4) It has an air throw distance of 35 feet and a water tank capacity of 50 liters.

5) Overall, it’s a very affordable and effective air cooler. It cools uniformly, saves power, and is easy to use. It’s the best choice as a personal air cooler.

6) Its current price is only ₹8,400. Click on the button above to check its latest price on Amazon.

2. Bajaj Desert DC70 DLX

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1) This Bajaj air cooler has one of the best designs that you’ll find. It has a modern, stylish design that will make your room look even better.

2) It’s very powerful and cools the room at a rapid rate. It delivers cold air at the rate of 5600 m³/hour. You’ll be hard pressed to find a cooler that’s faster than this.

3) It’s suitable for all kinds of rooms, including large rooms and houses. It can even be used for large halls, office buildings, and restaurants. The cooling capacity is a whopping 600 square feet.

4) It has an air throw distance of 80 feet and a continuous water supply system.

5) It has useful accessories such as an ice box for better cooling, and bottom wheels for easy moving.

6) Despite all of its amazing features, it only costs a mere ₹10,000. Click on the button above to check the latest price on Amazon.

3. Orient Electric Magic Cool CW5002B

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1) This is a small and affordable air cooler with lots of good features. It works best for a single room, with one or two people. That’s why it’s a good personal air cooler.

2) It cools the room at a modest rate of 2000 m³/hour. It also has a motorized louvre movement that allows for 4-way cooling. So this cooler is great for use in any room that’s small to medium-sized.

3) It has an air throw distance of 10 meters and a water tank capacity of 50 liters.

4) The most unique features are its filters and fragrance. It uses dust and mosquito protection filters so that unwanted particles are cleaned from the room and don’t interrupt with the cooling.

5) It even has a fragrance chamber and an auto fill function for hassle free water replenishing.

6) It’s one of the cheapest good-quality air coolers that you can buy for your home. The current price is listed as ₹7,000; click on the link above to go to its product page.

4. Symphony Diet 12T

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1) This is a portable air cooler with a very low capacity. This helps it be lighter and cheaper. It functions effectively as a personal air cooler for single rooms and single persons.

2) It’s best suited for a room with a 100 square feet area. Many houses in India have 100 sq ft rooms, so it can be used in various households. You’re only not advised to use it for large areas, because the cooling effect won’t be as good.

3) It has bottom wheels that move in any direction, making it easy to transport this air cooler whenever you want. You can move it from one room to another, without having to carry it.

4) It has a water storage capacity of 12 liters. Even though it has a low capacity, it’s very fast and can cool down a room in just a couple minutes.

5) It weighs only 7.5 kg and has a low power consumption of 170 watts.

6) The current price is ₹6,299. This is one of the most affordable air coolers that you can get. Click on the button above to learn more.

5. Bajaj Coolest Frio

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1) This is a powerful air cooler with low power consumption. So it saves energy, cools the room quickly, and costs very little.

2) It has a maximum air flow of 2,400 m³/hour and an average of 1,300 m³/hour. At this air flow, you can cool any room in just under 1 minute. It works for even large rooms.

3) It has a notable design. It’s oval-shaped and styled internationally. This is an air cooler that you’ll feel good about keeping in your home because it can add a nice touch.

4) The water tank capacity is 23 liters and there’s also an ice tray.

5) It has a power consumption of only 140 watts. This is much less than other air coolers. This lets you save power and reduce your electricity bill.

6) It’s very cheap; it only costs ₹5,650. Check Amazon for the latest price.

6. Symphony Jumbo Air Cooler

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1) Are you looking for a lot of capacity? Then this might be the right air cooler for you.

2) It has a water tank capacity of 41 liters. This is far greater than most other air coolers in the market. At this size, you don’t have to refill it as often.

3) Since it has a large capacity, it’s also suitable for large rooms. You can be used for rooms up to 71 m³/ 2500 ft³. Contact the manufacturer to ask how much area it can cover.

4) It has a 3-speed motor and consumes 110 watts of power.

5) Other features include: vertical automatic swing, cool flow dispenser, low noise, and Dura-pump technology.

6) The current price is ₹8,000. Click on the button above to find the latest price on Amazon.

7. Voltas Desert VE D60MH

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1) This is a desert cooler. As the name suggests, it’s a powerful machine that’s capable of cooling an area with desert-like heat conditions using its air flow.

2) It delivers air flow at a rate of 3400 m³/hour. This is one of the fastest in the market. It’s suitable for small, medium, and large rooms. It can also be used in gatherings in halls, restaurants, and office buildings.

3) The tank capacity is enormous, at 60 liters. This lets you use it continuously, without having to refill water for a long time. In the smaller coolers, it’s annoying when you have to refill the tank every day.

4) It has castor wheels at the bottom, which allow for easy moving and transport.

5) It has honeycomb cooling pads and a fan with 16.5 inch diameter.

6) The current price is ₹11,000. Even though it’s slightly more than ₹10,000, I still wanted to include it because it’s a great air cooler.

8. Crompton Personal Air Cooler

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1) This is the ultimate personal air cooler. You can keep it near your work desk, or your couch, or your bed to enjoy the full benefits. It’s very small and portable, which makes it ideal for personal use.

2) It delivers air flow at a rate of 650 m³/hour. This is certainly not as fast as other air coolers. But since you would keep it close to you, you will notice the cooling effects quickly. It’s not suitable for cooling full rooms.

3) It only consumes 90 watts of power. So you can save a lot of money on energy bills if you use this personal air cooler.

4) It has an air throw distance of 10 feet and a water tank capacity of 7 liters.

5) This is one of the lowest water tank capacities of any air cooler. It means that the cooler is very light and easy to carry around. You can even put it on a table or desk.

6) The current price is only ₹4,345, making it the cheapest air cooler on this list. Find its latest price on Amazon by clicking the button above.

9. Symphony Hicool

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1) Symphony Limited is an Indian-based company that now operates internationally. It’s best known for manufacturing air coolers. They make high-quality coolers with unique designs like this one.

2) It’s suitable for rooms up to 144 square feet. This means that it works best in small and mid-sized rooms.

3) It has a water tank capacity of 31 liters. This is enough to last a while without having to refill the tank. There is convenience in not having to refill it very often.

4) It consumes 185 watts of power.

5) Other features include: Dura pump technology, alarm for altering of an empty tank, a system restore function, a 7-hour timer, built-in remote dock, mosquito and dust protection filter, multi-directional bottom wheels, and an efficient honey comb pad.

6) The current price is ₹9,498. Go to its Amazon product page to find the latest price.

10. Bajaj Platini PX97

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1) This is a mid-sized air cooler. The most impressive aspect of it is the low price, despite having a pretty large capacity. Not many air coolers cost this little while offering such a large water tank.

2) The water tank capacity is 36 liters. Depending on how often you use it, you only need to refill the tank once per week or a few days.

3) It has a maximum air flow of 1800 m³/hour and an average air flow is 1300 m³/hour. This is a relatively fast delivery and it can cool almost any room in a short amount of time.

4) It has an air throw distance of 30 feet and a cooling capacity of 150 square feet.

5) Other features include: chill trap technology, 4-way air deflection, and inverter compatibility.

6) The current price is only ₹5,699. It’s only available in limited quantities, so get it while it’ still in stock!

Air Cooler Buying Guide

The temperature in summers is very high and we can’t help but sweat. Air cooler provides cold air that keeps the atmosphere cool all the time. Air cooler doesn’t give chilled air but gives cool air, that means it will be easy on your electricity bill as it puts less load compared to an air conditioner.

Air coolers include a fan, water soaking pads and a pump. The pump helps in the water to circulate through the whole air cooler and around the cooling pads. Then the fan provides cool air to the environment.

If you are on a budget and want to beat the heat in summer, Invest in a good air cooler. Here is a complete buying guide that would help you to choose the most appropriate air cooler.

Two Types Of Air Coolers

1. Desert Cooler

Desert cooler is fixed in an open environment, usually outside the room’s window. It sucks the air from outside while turning it cool and then provides cool air inside the room.

Its fan is known as an exhaust fan and provides better cooling than a room cooler. A disadvantage of desert cooler is that it requires more space, power and water in comparison to a room cooler.

2. Room Cooler

A room cooler is kept inside the room It takes less space, power and water than a desert cooler and is also less powerful than it.

If the room is small and there is not much heat in the atmosphere, room cooler should be used. On the other hand, if the heat is more then the desert cooler is best.

Besides these two major types, there are three more types of air coolers.

1. Direct Evaporative Coolers

Being cost effective, these are widely used type of air coolers. They remove the heat in the atmosphere by evaporating the water, which helps lower down the room temperature.

2. Indirect Evaporative Coolers

This type of air cooler follows the same process as evaporative coolers. The only difference is that they use a heat exchanger to cool the air and, thus, uses more energy than direct evaporative coolers. They are more suitable for areas with more humidity.

3. Two-stage Evaporative Coolers

In two-stage type coolers, first the air is cooled down with the help of a heat exchanger and then this air works through the cooling pads before being left out in the area.

Few things to keep in mind before buying an air cooler:

1. Size of an air cooler

Size of an air cooler plays an important role as bigger the size, more air it will produce. Also, in a bigger room, large air cooler proves to be effective. Sizes of the cooler are differentiated by Cubic Metre Feet (CBM) formula.

It is used to calculate the size of an air cooler as per the room. Simple multiply the area of your room and divide it by 2. This will give you the accurate CFM and accordingly you can buy the most appropriate size of an air cooler.

2. Cooling pads

The cooling pads have a direct impact on the overall cooling by the air cooler, so these must be of good quality. These cooling pads should be at least 90 mm thick in order to be effective. Also, thicker the pad means it will absorb more water resulting in more cool air. The user can even double or triple the number of pads in order to increase the thickness as per the requirement.

There are two types of cooling pads.

  • Aspen pads – These type of pads are made up of synthetic fibre and wood shavings. They are cheap and have a shorter lifespan.
  • Cellulose pads – These are also known as honeycomb pads and are more common than the aspen pads. They are thicker than aspen pads and have a higher life. They are bit expensive.

3. Power consumption

More power consumption means more cooling in less time, more electricity bill alongside providing more harm to the environment and vice versa.

4. Adjustable speeds and air mode

Air coolers having an option to adjust the speed and air modes as per the need.It helps to control the speed and temperature as per the heat in the surroundings. Many air coolers come with 3-speed options: low, medium and high.

5. Water tank capacity

Air cooler uses the evaporation method to produce cool air. For this evaporation process, water is required in the tank that converts into vapour. So, it is important that an air cooler has a large water tank so that one doesn’t need to make frequent trips for filling up the cooler.

Air coolers for the residential use have 20-30 litres of water tanks while the ones for industrial use have 40-120 litres of the water tank capacity.

6. Water level controller

Many air coolers come with the feature of water level controller. This automatically regulates the water flow into the cooler at predetermined levels.

This helps in preventing the overflow of water and saves one’s time in every time opening and closing of cooler to check the water level and to fill in the water.

7. Fan types

A good quality fan should be there in an air cooler as no matter how good the cooling pads or other features of an air cooler are, the fan is going to make use of them and will give out cool air in the end. There are two types of fans in air coolers.

  • Centrifugal fan – This one is shaped like a drum and doesn’t make much sound. But, it consumes more energy and, thus is expensive.
  • Axial fan – This one consumes less energy and is cheaper than the centrifugal fan. But, it makes more noise in the comparison.

8. Castors

Castors are found at the bottom of air coolers and allow them to move freely from one room to another without picking them up. Some air coolers have plastic castors, which don’t have a long lifespan as they break off very easily.

While some use rubber or metal castors, which don’t break off easily and stay for a longer time.

9. Remote control

Remote controllers offer ease to the users to not get up from their place to change the settings of the air cooler or to switch it on/off. One can simply control the machine with the help of a remote control.

10. Timer

A timer helps save power as well as the energy of the user as one can pre-set the time for the air cooler to sleep while not getting disturbed.

11. Air coolers that work on inverters

Air coolers that work on inverters offer great convenience to the user in the places where the electricity goes off very often. With the help of an air cooler that can run on an inverter, one can use it without the power and get relief.

Tips For Cooler Air

  • Clean the cooling pads once every week with the help of a brush to get them rid off any dirt.
  • Always clean the water tank before filling in the water to prevent any bacteria to grow.
  • Fill the fresh and clean water in the air coolers.
  • For more cooling, do not close all the windows and doors of the room, rather allow air to properly flow by opening them.
  • Position the air cooler in front of a window to prevent humidity.
  • Ice can be added to the water tank to have cool air quickly. Many air coolers even have a separate space to keep ice.


Check for all the points mentioned in this guide carefully and patiently before buying an air cooler for your home or office to have cool air in the hot and humid climate.

This concludes the list of the 10 best air coolers to buy in India.

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